Roasted ‘Chickn’ Pesto Avocado Sandwich


1 x Big bread roll (focaccia bread preferably)

Season’s Gourmet vegan pesto (or Prep’s basil pesto recipe available on the website)

1/2 x Avocado

2 x Hash Browns

Sunfed Chicken (enough for one big sandwich)

2 x Tbs garlic oil (recipe on Prep’s website)


Cherry tomatoes

Culley’s Sweet Chilli Mayo



  1. Pop your hash browns in the toaster on high until toasted (2-3 times depending how strong your toaster is) OR chuck them in the air fryer for 10 mins flipping half way.
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry your Sunfed Chicken for 3-4 mins
  3. Slice your focaccia then layer your sandwich with pesto, avocado, lettuce, hash browns, cherry tomatoes, Sunfed chicken and then top with your Culley’s Sweet Chilli Mayo and ENJOY