Pink Cashew Pasta

Serves: 4


4 x cups uncooked penne pasta

1/2 pack meatless chicken pieces from the Asian supermarket

2 x cups frozen peas

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper


2 x cups cashew nuts boiled for 1/2 an hour or soaked overnight

1/2 cup bottled beetroot juice or mashed up packet of cooked beetroot

1/2  x cup nutritional yeast

4 x garlic cloves

juice from 3 lemons

2 x cups water

salt to taste



  1. Cook pasta in boiling water for time that it says on the packet (usually 10 minutes). In the last 4 minutes pour in the frozen peas.
  2. Place all sauce ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, add more water if needed so its consistency is runny like a pasta sauce.
  3. Fry your meatless chicken pieces in a fry pan on med heat for a couple minutes each side.
  4. Drain your peas and pasta in a colander and run hot water through to prevent sticking, then pour back in pot along with your pink cashew pasta sauce and heat on a low heat stirring constantly until piping hot.
  5. Serve in bowls with your “chickn” pieces on top and garnish with nutritional yeast, salt and pepper and enjoy.