How does Prep work?

Order your Prep meals anytime before midnight Sunday for delivery or pick up the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Stock your work or home freezer and fridge with ready to eat healthy home cooked meals each week and have more time doing the stuff you enjoy and less time in the kitchen.

Prep has frozen and fresh meals to choose from, most of Prep’s clients choose a Prep pack that contains both so they have healthy salads and hearty filling meals any day of the week.

Is Prep healthy?

Prep’s meals are 100% plant based made from vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, they are extremely nutrient enriched to fuel your body every day. Every meal is made from whole fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
Most of the ingredients are organic and sourced from local farms.
The meals range from 200-600 calories so it’s very easy keep track of what you are eating so you can either bulk up or lose weight. Being plant based your skin, eyes and hair will glow from the health benefits.
We love spice at Prep so if you aren’t too keen on hot dishes we suggest you have some greek flavoured coconut yoghurt (Raglan is our favourite brand) on hand to add if needed for cooling.

What is the best way to heat the meals?

Click here to see the best way to heat our meals

How do I keep Prep fresh ?

If you are ordering our delivery service and are not home during the day, we suggest you leave a chilly bin out to ensure that your Prep stays fresh.
We do not allocate a fixed time for delivery.
If a chilly bin is not left out, we will endeavour to find the best spot to store your food to maintain freshness.
We take no responsibility for food that has been delivered and not chilled in a timely manner.

How is Prep delivered?

Prep is delivered to your home or work address only on Tuesday’s, within normal business hours (sometimes Monday night if arranged). All of the packaging is bio-degradable including the eco friendly bamboo containers.
We strive to process all deliveries by 6pm. Most of Prep’s clients order a few days worth of meals to stock their work or home fridge and freezer.

Please ensure that you prepare for your delivery by allocating an area for us to store the food. We recommend a chilli bin if you are not home or cannot use your fridge/freezer at work.

How many people does one portion feed?

Each meal is 380-450 grams and will feed 1 hungry person easily or can be halved and paired with a side salad or greens for two meals.

When do my meals need to be eaten by?

Your Prep meals are labelled FRESH or FROZEN, pop the FRESH in the fridge and the FROZEN in the freezer as soon as you receive them.
They come with a biodegradable bag and ensure this is at the bottom of the containers when in the freezer, because they are made from bamboo (wood) they can stick to the bottom of the freezer and can sometimes be hard to pull off.

The fresh should be consumed within 3-4 days (salads first and curries a bit later). The frozen meals come with use by dates on them, usually 2-4 months. The breakfast burritos should be consumed within 4 weeks.

How much does delivery cost?

Depending where you live in Auckland the cost varies from $10 – $23. Nationwide chilled freight delivery coming soon!

Is there a minimum order?

A minimum of 5 meals is required for delivery.

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